5 Most Expensive Towns: South Coast of Boston

Norwell North River

Looking to move to the Boston suburbs? The South Coast offers a perfect blend of suburban charm and proximity to the city. However, if you’re looking for luxury and are willing to splurge, here are the 5 Most Expensive Towns on the South Coast.

5 Most Expensive Towns on the South Coast: The Rundown

1. Hingham

Hingham is one of the 5 Most Expensive Towns on the South Coast of Massachusetts. Nestled along the coast, this historic town boasts picturesque views as well as quaint New England charm. With its beautiful antique homes, upscale boutiques, and top-rated schools, it’s no surprise that Hingham tops the list of the 5 most expensive towns on the South Coast. Real estate in Hingham has a median home price which is well above the state average. As a result this makes Hingham a sought-after place to live.

One of the oldest towns in Massachusetts, Hingham is 15 miles south of Boston. Named after Hingham, Norfolk, England, the town was first settled by English colonists in 1633. Notable sites include the “Old Ordinary” which houses the Hingham Historical Society Museum and Derby Academy (founded in 1784) which is the oldest co-educational school in the country. There is also First Parish Old Ship Church, the oldest wooded structure in the country in continuous use as a place of worship.

Hingham World's End

2. Cohasset

Another coastal gem, Cohasset offers a luxurious lifestyle with its waterfront estates, private beaches, and yacht and golf clubs. The town’s strong sense of community as well as excellent schools make it a desirable location for families looking to settle down. In fact, Cohasset’s real estate market reflects its exclusivity, with median home prices reaching into the millions.

Cohasset, Massachusetts is a New England town in Norfolk County with an estimated population of 8,500. The town has a quaint downtown with shops and restaurants. In addition, it has a protected harbor as well as stunning views of the coast. Cohasset has a lot to offer both visitors and year-round residents. Highlights of Cohasset include a weekly Farmers Market, boating, beaches, Wompatuck State Park reservation, and the popular performance center South Shore Music Circus.

Geographically, Cohasset is 31.4 square miles with 9.8 square miles of land; 21.7 square miles of water. The town borders Massachusetts Bay on the north and northeast. and Wampatuck State Park in the southwestern part of town.

South Shore Towns - Cohasset

3. Duxbury

Known for its colonial architecture, Duxbury exudes old-world charm and sophistication. The town’s expansive estates, equestrian properties, and waterfront homes cater to discerning buyers seeking privacy and luxury. Historically, the town was one of the  largest shipbuilding center on the South Shore.

Located on Cape Cod Bay, Duxbury is 35 miles south of Boston on the South Shore. The topography of Duxbury is the result of the last Ice Age. Captain’s Hill, the highest point in Duxbury, is a drumlin formed during that era. The Myles Standish Monument sits on top of the hill and is a prominent landmark for seafarers. Duxbury’s landscape includes dunes and salt marshes, rivers and streams, lakes and ponds, swamps and cranberry bogs, as well as forests, fields and farms. Enclosing Duxbury Bay is Duxbury Beach, a glacial outwash barrier beach.

Duxbury’s top-rated schools and scenic beauty as well as it’s desirable real estate add to its appeal. Subsequently, this makes Duxbury one of the 5 most expensive towns on the South Coast.

Duxbury Oysters

4. Scituate

With its miles of coastline and vibrant seaside community, Scituate offers a relaxed yet upscale lifestyle. Waterfront properties command premium prices, attracting buyers drawn to the town’s nautical charm and coastal amenities. Scituate’s strong sense of community as well as top-notch schools, and its proximity to Boston make the Scituate real estate market a popular choice for homebuyers.

Geographically, Scituate is 32 sq. miles with 14 sq. miles of water. The shoreline varies between salt marshes, sandy beaches, and granite bedrock coast. Inland, Scituate is wooded with brooks and rivers. 

Over the years, Scituate has evolved from a summer colony to a year-round residential community without losing its charm and character. The Town Pier accommodates a working fishing fleet as well as recreational boating. As a result, there is a delightful mix of rural, suburban and seaside lifestyles within a 25-mile ride to Boston.

Scituate Cliffs

5. Norwell

Rounding out the list is Norwell, a suburban oasis known for its sprawling estates, rural setting and large lots. Norwell offers easy access to Boston and many South Shore’s amenities.Set along the picturesque North River, Norwell has approximately 11,000 residents. The town’s high-performing schools in addition to its tranquil surroundings make it an attractive option for discerning buyers seeking upscale living.

Located twenty miles south of Boston, Norwell was settled in 1636. During the 1700’s and for much of the 1800’s shipbuilding was the town’s major industry. Some of the finest sailing vessels were produced in Norwell, including the Columbia which was the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. Originally part of Scituate, the town was incorporated as Norwell in 1888.

Norwell North River

While these towns may come with a higher price tag, the amenities, schools, and sense of community they provide make them worth the investment. For home buyers who want to live on the South Shore, spend time researching the differences between all South Shore Towns.  When you are ready to make the move, be prepared to enter a competitive real estate market where quality homes don’t stay on the market for long. There are top reasons why the South Shore is an amazing place to live. With the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent, you can find the perfect home in one of these prestigious South Coast towns.