Coastal Neighborhoods: Scituate Cliffs

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Nestled along the Atlantic coast, Scituate, Massachusetts, stands out among South Shore residential towns for its charming coastal neighborhoods. Four of the desirable places to live in Scituate are the cliffs. These include First Cliff, Second Cliff, Third Cliff Scituate and Humarock (or Fourth Cliff). Let’s dive in and learn more about each one of these areas.

scituate second cliff, scituate first cliff

Introducing: the Cliffs!

From the historic harbor to the picturesque beaches, Scituate exudes a sense of community and coastal charm. Landmarks such as the Scituate Lighthouse and Old Oaken Bucket Homestead reflect the town’s rich maritime heritage. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Wompatuck State Park for hiking adventures and enjoy exploring the quaint villages dotting the coastline, including Scituate Harbor and Humarock. For beachgoers looking for waterfront homes on the South Shore, the four cliff neighborhoods capture the essence of coastal living in Scituate. These neighborhoods, among the town’s earliest settlements, offer unparalleled ocean views and a glimpse into Scituate’s storied past. Each cliff boasts its unique history and ambiance, making them integral parts of Scituate’s identity.

First Cliff, Scituate

scituate first cliff

First Cliff, as the northernmost of Scituate’s cliffs, commands a view that encompasses the Cedar Point Lighthouse. In fact, the view from elevated perspective displays the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Despite this, First Cliff merges seamlessly with the bustling activity of Scituate Harbor and encapsulates the town’s deep-rooted connection to the sea.

Since its establishment in the early 1800s, this beacon has steadfastly guided ships, becoming an integral part of the region’s maritime history.  Similarly, the architectural landscape of First Cliff is a testament to its rich history. For example, several houses in this neighborhood were constructed between 1850 and 1940, showcasing the enduring charm of this neighborhood.

Further, First Cliff has borne witness to a myriad of maritime exploits. From bustling fishing expeditions to naval skirmishes, the backdrop of the rugged New England coastline is rich with naval history. Today, the real estate on First Cliff embodies a blend of historical significance and modern comfort, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a quintessentially New England coastal lifestyle.

Second Cliff, Scituate

scituate second cliff

Second Cliff neighborhood stands as a testament to Scituate’s enduring maritime legacy. In fact, it was among the earliest sites where European settlers established cottages. Soon after this, Second Cliff quickly emerged as a vital center for maritime commerce and fishing. Its strategic position along the coast facilitated trade and fishing expeditions, playing a pivotal role in shaping Scituate’s economic landscape.

Over the centuries, Second Cliff has weathered many challenges, from war and natural disasters to the economic hardships. Through it all, the neighborhood has remained resilient. Because of this resilience, Second Cliff developed a tight-knit community that cherishes its costal history. Today, Second Cliff’s real estate offerings reflect this rich history. By blending historical charm with modern amenities, the neighborhood provides residents with a unique coastal living experience.  

Third Cliff, Scituate

scituate third cliff

Nestled beneath Second Cliff, Third Cliff, Scituate is also beacon of maritime heritage. As the earliest recorded settlement in Scituate, Third Cliff holds an important position in the town’s coastal history. Its perch along the shoreline served as a strategic lookout for settlers. These settlers used this cliff to scope out Massachusetts Bay and safeguard against threats from the sea. Local historian/author Lyle Nyberg’s book on Third Cliff is an informative narrative with this cliff’s history with information about Irish Mossers as well as the “summer colony” of Rivermoor.

Over the years, Third Cliff Scituate blossomed into a vibrant community, where residents participate in activities ranging from fishing to golfing. Today, Third Cliff remains a treasured neighborhood, celebrated for its natural splendor, vivacious community, and unwavering ties to the sea. 

Fourth Cliff or Humarock, Scituate

scituate fourth cliff, humarock scituate

Finally, as the southernmost extension of Scituate’s coastline, Fourth Cliff also stands as a testament to the area’s rich maritime legacy. Once connected to Third Cliff, its distinctive geography shaped Humarock’s history. Humarock weathered a great challenge when it separated from Third Cliff following the Great Storm of 1898. In the face of this, Humarock’s residents forged a resilient and vibrant community. In the aftermath of World War II, the US Navy constructed a bunker and a coastal watchtower on Fouth Cliff. Today, remnants of this wartime past can be seen atop Fourth Cliff. Humarock, Scituate, is celebrated as a cherished coastal neighborhood, renowned for its breathtaking views, recreational opportunities, and timeless charm.

Could you imagine living here?

Scituate is an ideal place to call home with its serene environment, friendly community, and rich cultural heritage. Subsequently, the real estate market in Scituate is robust with a variety of homes for sale. In fact, all homes for sale in Scituate, Massachusetts are in demand in the current market. Home buyers can choose from a cozy cottage to a spacious family home. Or, enjoy a home at the beach or near wooded walking trails. In other words, there’s something to suit every lifestyle and budget.


Blog Post by: Brayden Larnard